Top 3 Innovation Insights (ww1): CES Awards, Tomorrow’s Leaders & Entrepreneurship Education

[Smartbulb: Bulb+Stereo Speaker - Source: ]

[Smartbulb: Bulb+Stereo Speaker by Sengled]

The following articles are the Top 3 Innovation Insights this week (ww1) with a brief snapshot summary of their strategic importance to your firm.

1) Meet the 2016 CES Innovation Award Winners (USA Today)

Snapshot: No January would be complete without mentioning the most innovative products/services which are announced annually at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Camera-drones, smartbulbs,, 3D glasses and other innovations were displayed in the CES 2016 showcase. Click here for a comprehensive list of winners. Or read the full article here on USA Today.

Strategic Impact: Fortune 500 companies and startups can benefit from reviewing the list of CES Innovation Award winners to get a glimpse of trends in mobile technology, Internet of Things and wearable tech – among many other fast-moving industry sectors. Equally important is that companies can ensure that whatever may be on their roadmap will present a competitive advantage to those innovations already announced.


exec shadow2) Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Snapshot: The only thing constant is change. So what would it take to train company leaders and employees how to improve the quality and speed of innovation? As the Association for Talent Development cites, the next 10 years will bring more change than the last 10,000 years. There are four areas that businesses need to teach workers how to improve: spotting and reacting to new trends, bringing creativity and innovation to life, dealing with disruption and identifying tomorrow’s leaders (change agents). Click here to read the full article.

Strategic Impact: Although companies routinely set strategic agendas and tactical implementation plans, most companies have not defined or launched an Innovation Strategy. This article cites the need for urgency and advises every company to set up a plan to become futurists in order to embrace curiosity, act courageously, be adaptive, connect the dots and work on future proofing your business.




3) Why Entrepreneurship Education Matters:

Snapshot: Business scenarios are full of risks and uncertainties because business models are being disrupted and traditional mindsets need to evolve to newer mindsets for innovation. Improving Entrepreneurship Education at undergraduate and graduate schools is a significant and cost-effective way of investing in the future to foster economic growth and competitiveness. Businesses need to partner with universities to help prepare and equip a new generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers with an entrepreneurial mindset. Click here to read the full article.

Strategic Impact: While the article is written from a European perspective, the premise that business, academia, startup communities and local governments should be sitting at the same table to create entrepreneurial education programs pertains to the USA as well. By working together, such coalitions can redefine how to improve the pipeline for success from K-12 schools through PhD programs in the USA and stimulate economic growth in existing businesses as well as improve employability and generate new startups at a faster pace.

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[Ed Valdez is Vice President of Global Business Strategy at G51.]